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Recruitment position Business Manager Gender requirements male
Number of recruits 10 Salary Salary negotiable
Age requirements 20-40 Working place NanTong
Conditional requirements 51, college education; 2, strong language skills and communication skills, have some knowledge of business etiquette; 3, good at learning, hard working, able to adapt to long-term business or overseas requirements.
Job description

1, develop the new customers, recommend the company's products for possible;
2, do maintenance work on the old customers,  to guide the old customers more use company's new products, special varieties;
3, do the goods in and out of the record;
4, according to the contract to return the money to do the work;
5, with the completion of the relevant promotion, exhibition of work;
6, complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

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Recruitment position Reserve cadres Gender requirements male
Number of recruits 10 Salary Salary negotiable
Age requirements 25-35 Working place NanTong
Conditional requirements Bachelor degree or above, semiconductor / components / electronic engineering or related fields, under the supervision of people's guidance, according to the training program to learn and work.
Job description

1, intends to develop production-oriented enterprises, with some communication skills, learning ability and creativity;
2, work in earnest, responsible, hard working, good health;
3, reserve personnel by hiring a need to work for a certain period in the production line, master skills, familiar with the production process, to understand the production process.

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Recruitment position Product Engineer Gender requirements Male or female
Number of recruits 5 Salary Salary negotiable
Age requirements 30-40 Working place NanTong
Conditional requirements 33Rigorous work, and his sincere, good character, a strong affinity, strong understanding, communication skills
Job description

1) Customers are responsible for the completion of plans to sample the product (goods) technical assessment / transformation, new product trial, production preparation;
2) completion of the new products offer technical aspects of the work, quoted by tooling work to develop the product processing time, fixed and other materials;
3) responsible for the design and verification of completion of the dies, fixtures, gages and other new product development of tooling;
4) complete the formulation of the trial process when the file is responsible for new product development, implementation, change, supervision;
5) strictly in accordance with requirements of product quality planning to launch a new product development process, which is responsible for the timely completion of new product development APQP, P-FMEA, PPAP, tooling inventory, control data preparation programs;
6) is responsible for the completion of new product development environment planning implementation, full consideration;
7) completion point is responsible for setting the quality control of new product development, implementation, monitoring;

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