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Company Introduction


       Nantong Hornby Electronic Co.,Ltd,specializes in manufacturing rectifier diodes, veneer diodes, silicon bridge rectifiers, MOS transistors and other power devices. After more than 20 years of development, the company has produced 6 billion semiconductor device parts annually, and has become a semiconductor device supplier and service provider integrating R&D, production and service, providing semiconductor parts and related services to customers all over the world. The company has passed the international recognition of ISO 9001, ISO14001, TS16949, OHSAS 18001, UL and so on. Certificate. At the same time, it has been recognized by many well-known international and domestic enterprises, such as Haier, Huawei, TenPao, Samsung, Huntkey,TW-Solar, JMTHY, Hoshine, Emerson, Yukita, Meritek, Sunpower and so on. Products are widely used in various consumer electronics, communications electronics, household appliances, energy-saving lighting, automotive electronics, wind energy, solar photovoltaic and other industries. The new generation of energy-saving ultra-low power devices have been widely used in partner 6 energy-efficient power supply products; SMD SMD patch products using automated equipment and appearance detection system to ensure product quality; the company has core chip development and production capacity, according to customer needs customized products.

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