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  • Vision: To become one of the most valuable companies in electronics industry and to achieve world famous brand.
  • Corporate Objective: To create maximum benefits for shareholders.
  • Corporate Mission: To create value and give back to society.
  • Corporate Spirit: Unite, Struggle, Modest, Innovative
  • Corporate Faith: Honest and Ethical, Win-win cooperation, Industrious, Strive for outstanding
  • Corporate Culture: People-oriented, Teamwork, Effective Communication, Compatible
  • Business idea: Thriving business, Satisfied Customer, Willing employees, Beneficial to society
  • Service motto: Customers first and fully satisfy customers’ demand
  • Quality idea: Keep improving products quality to continue customers’ satisfaction
  • Hornby core concept: High level of moral standards, Decision-makings base on facts, adjust in terms of environmental changes, have sense of urgency about competition
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