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       Established in 1992, Hornby Electronic is a semiconductor manufacturing company who has 12 independent branches scattered in Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui and Zhejiang. Thanks to its core business of semiconductor manufacturing and its stable growth, Hornby expanded its side businesses into LED manufacturing, healthcare technology, nanotechnology, and IT industry in the recent years.  It is shaping itself to be a conglomerate company with its core business in semiconductor manufacturing and its side business in innovative hi-tech businesses.  

Product Portfolio

       Hornby invested 6 manufacturing bases in China Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui and Zhejiang and it makes Hornby one of the most sizable manufacturing companies in the world in term of capacity. The company and its products are qualified by ISO9001 and ISO14001 system. The main product lines cover: DiodeBridge RectifiersSmall Signal product.


 Hornby Shanghai branch also act as a general sales agent of the products as production equipment and raw materials for the most popular suppliers in the industry. Meanwhile Hornby is one of the sizable service providers in China, providing purchasing and kitting service to the customers locally. The product line of its trading business covers :Silicon MaterialsDiode diceSKYGPPDB3…) lead frameSilicon RubberEpoxy Molding compoundINK( raw materials) and Molding PresserAuto Molding System TMTT Series  production equipment (production equipment).

 To be alined with the trend of environment protection and efficiency, the company input a lot of efforts in LED R&D and its applications. Now Hornby has its capability of providing a series of products to its customers like LED ChipSilicon Rubberlead frame as well as joint develop and produce LED equipments, energy-saving LED illuminations.

Hornby actively invested in the areas of all kinds of innovative technologies. The company established 5 R&D centers with research institutes and universities locally and internationally. And the project topics cover health-care, nanotechnology, LED technology, and IT technology. Thanks to the contributions of the R&D centers, we have successfully developed many innovative products like: Health care productsNew type of silicone materialNew type of epoxy materialsWater treatment equipment .


Environment friendly and sustainability is our principle for our development


We firmly stick to the sustainable plan. The goal of our environmental protection principle is to prevent load to human and environment in the whole process of production, storage, transportation, sales, use and scrapping. If an 100% prevention can not be achieved, we will still try to minimize the load so that the comprehensive using efficiency of recourses can be improved. For the garbage that comes out during the production will be handled according to the principle of a recycling before the scrapping ,prevention of load before the processing.We will make all efforts to improve employees’ environmental protection awareness and energy saving sense of resposibility through environmental protection practice, information and training.

Sales and Channel distribution


 In term of marketing and sales, we applied a universal agents dealers system in dealing and distributing Hornby products.

OEM partners are welcome to be involved into our system as well.

Still to strengthen our partnership downstream and upstream with either OEM or dealing agents, our door to them is always open for a long term win-win solution.


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